Advanced Blockchain AG Gets Listed on Deutsche Börse’s Xetra

Xetra, a Deutsche Börse’s reference market for exchange trading in German shares and exchange-traded-funds (ETFs), has listed the stocks of Advanced Blockchain AG as its first blockchain company listing.

According to the July 1 report by DGAP.DE, Lang & Schwarz will sponsor the listing and act as a market maker for the blockchain company.

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This is the third listing of Advanced Blockchain AG as the company is already listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and the Dusseldorf Stock Exchange. The blockchain company’s stock was listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in January this year.

Founded in 1997, Xetra is an all-electronic trading platform and provides an in-depth view of market orders of all its listings including stocks, bonds, warrants, and commodities contracts. Though the Frankfurt-based platform was initially founded for the use of Frankfurt Stock Exchange, it later expanded its reach into Europe and international markets of Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates to partner with 200 trading participants.

A complete blockchain service

Based in Berlin, Advanced Blockchain AG is providing end-to-end blockchain-based software and services – including design, development, and implementation – for enterprises.

Along with its subsidiary GmbH, the company is also working on a fully functional DAG framework called DAGchain to develop a working and efficient base-layer protocol that can overcome the vulnerabilities of traditional blockchain systems and consensus problems. The company is also heavily betting on the DAGchain protocol as it can be used in projects in an array of sectors including IoT, automotive, financial, and engineering.

The company is confident that the current listing will bring more investors to its blockchain projects.

In May, Finance Magnates reported that the trading volume on Xentra went down by eight percent in year-on-year to €107.8 ($120.5 billion) in April 2019 compared with €117.1 billion in the same month the previous year.

Though this is the first listing of any blockchain company on Deutsche Börse, the exchange is investing heavily on the technology. It even formed a dedicated blockchain and crypto-asset division last year.

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