After Mainnet Launch, Now TRON launches TRONWallet DApp


Justin Sun’s TRON Foundation is dedicated to building a truly decentralized internet with improved infrastructure. The team has now announced TronWallet which is an open source crypto wallet.

GettyIO was rewarded during their programming contest and developed the project. It supports TRX and other tokens on Tron’s mainnet. The client supports multiple platforms that the user can choose to download or access.

TRON Wallet is officially supported by TRON Foundation through Tron Loan and is the recommended wallet for Android. It is a multifunctional wallet for the TRON Network. It gives the user the platform to quickly and easily interact with his/her account or to keep TRX and other account data safe in a cold wallet setup.

  • It creates a wallet that encrypts private information with a password and creates a private/public key pair. It also creates a 24 words recovery phrase which is a human-readable private key recovery phrase. A user can import wallet with his/her private key or a 24 words recovery phrase or else can import public addresses only (watch only setup)
  • Talking about its various features, it comprises of MFA — 2 Factor Authentication, TronVault, number of widgets like bandwidth, user balances, frozen tokens, transactions, TRX price and receive etc., list tokens, create tokens and official new from Justin Sun twitter among others.
  • The wallet will further support “multi-factor authentication and encryption of data-at-rest and in-transit” and uses AWS Cognito for user authentication and federation.
  • For creating an account process, TronWallet doesn’t ask for secret keys rather the accounts are managed offline by TronVault.

An online video demonstrating the new wallet is now available on youtube with a similar demonstration available on the same platform for the Android version of the wallet.

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