All you need to know about the “Cannabis” token

On October 5, 2021, $CANNA will be listed as the industry token for legal cannabis. Notably, $CANNA currently has a total token supply in excess of 420,000,000,000. 210,000,000 tokens of this token are currently in circulation.


KingSwap, a Singapore-based DeFi platform, offers high-yield liquidity, including possible fiat conversions and extensive staking rewards. It also has digital collectibles.

After its August 22 release, the CanCoin native coin will be listed on PancakeSwap. This listing is expected to occur on other exchanges such as PancakeSwap after October 19, 2021. The native $CANNA token is available on Binance Smart Chain at $0.17 per unit.

Daniel Daboczy (Director of The CanCoin) stated that “we are excited for the next step” where we list $CANNA tokens on KingSwap DEX. “Listing on KingSwap will ensure that users can benefit from low transaction fees, fast confirmation times, and quick trade execution. The industry response has been positive, and onboarding companies who will use $CANNA tokens as their future currency has already begun with great results.

What is the CanCoin project?

Over 35 states, Canada and nearly 18 European countries have legalized cannabis. The market capitalization for publicly traded cannabis companies has already surpassed 100 billion dollars.

More than 375 million Europeans now have access to medical marijuana. This means that the number of patients will continue to rise over the next five year. Legal cannabis sales are expected to rise from $30 billion in 2020, to $95 billion by 2025.

The CanCoin project, which aims to tap into this market, was specifically designed for it. It covers sectors such as healthcare and pharmaceuticals, FMCG, industrials, and other. This project is designed to stand out from the rest by offering comprehensive cannabis solutions that integrate blockchain, artificial intelligence and smartphone apps, as well as automated incentive tokens and smart databases.

Information about the CanCoin

According to the whitepaper, CanCoin is a cryptocurrency that can be used to track cannabis from seed to shelf. It was created to reduce friction and monetise the legalized European cannabis market. It also has the potential to offer a decentralised payment network, dynamic NFTs and crowdfunding capabilities, which promises a high-quality user experience throughout the entire cannabis value chain.