Alluma Cryptocurrency Exchange Launches Android Mobile App

Alluma Cryptocurrency Exchange launched their public Beta just a few weeks ago with an overwhelming response despite the beer market. The platform now introduces more features to enhance the user experience such as an Android mobile app, the ETH supercharge referral program and listing stable cryptocurrencies such as TUSD and other cryptocurrencies.

Alluma Launches Android Mobile App

Aiming at becoming more user-friendly, Alluma launches an Android App available from Google PlayStore. With four main features integrated into the mobile app, Alluma cryptocurrency exchange offers a competitive edge to its users.

Fast and efficient sign-up: – Alluma enables the user to complete their KYC (Know Your Customer) hassle-free. The user can upload photo ID and documents directly to the app and via a secure system. 

Portfolio management tool: – The user can check their coin portfolio and its value any time. With the portfolio tool, they can check their overall coin portfolio or individual coin wallets and its equivalent value in fiat currency such as INR, USD etc. The easy to use interface lets them check coin prices in real-time.

Crypto to Crypto: – Alluma boasts one of the easiest interfaces on the market to buy and sell one cryptocurrency for another. The user can easily sell off Bitcoin and purchase Ethereum or vice-a-versa.

Easy Crypto Exchange:- The Alluma coin wallet is provided with a clear address that enables the user to receive coins from another exchange with ease. The overall process is intentionally kept simple and intuitive to aid the user.

ETH based Referral Program

This is an add-on or as Alluma puts it a ‘supercharge’ to their already existing base referral program. Mentioned below are some of its added features.

Milestone referral bonus: – The more friends a user invite, the more they earn. If a user invites 5 friends, they receive 0.01 ETH bonus but a user who can invite 50 friends will receive 0.25 ETH bonus.
Quick share links: –  The user can now promptly share their unique referral code on multiple platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram.
Referral code field on sign up:-  New users can directly use the referral code on the sign-up page of the website or the app.

Listing TUSD and other cryptocurrencies

Alluma cryptocurrency exchange has listed its first stable coin TUSD. TUSD is an ERC20 token and is fully transparent and audited regularly to ensure that each token is actually backed with USD.

Since the exchange is a Crypto-to-Crypto exchange as of now, a stable coin can mitigate a certain amount of risk with trading cryptocurrency that comes with price volatility. Alluma cryptocurrency exchange will be listing more crypto assets trading and run trading competitions in the near future

Alluma is backed by some of the world’s top cryptocurrency investors and is pegged as the first institutional grade platform for newcomers & pros across the emerging markets in Asia. It aims to make digital currency trading and the aforementioned features and some soon to be launched is a step towards achieving the same.

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