Anthony Pompliano Doubles Down on $100,000 for Bitcoin Post-Halving

Speaking during a recent interview, Pompliano says Bitcoin is very close to a surge that will last for a while. He believes that the surge will push the king coin up 1,288%. Currently just a little over $7,000, Pompliano believes Bitcoin will hit $100,000. He believes this will happen at the latest by the end of 2021.

He also talks about the current economic situation in the world and how it is fuelling a lot of money-printing worldwide. Pompliano believes that this much artificial money-making will force people to seek out assets that have some scarcity.

“They’re devaluing their currencies and when that occurs, people are going to seek out inflation hedge assets like gold, Bitcoin, real estate, et cetera. And so, right when everyone is running to gold, Bitcoin, real estate and others, Bitcoin’s going to have this supply shock…My guess is that we’ll see $100,000 by the end of December 2021 at a minimum.”

Image Credits: Pixabay

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