Beeks Financial Cloud to Host BeQuant’s Matching Engine

As part of the ongoing expansion of its cryptocurrency offering, Beeks Financial Could Group Plc announced this Thursday that it has commenced a collaboration with London and Malta-based cryptocurrency BeQuant Exchange.

Beeks is a cloud computing and connectivity provider for financial markets. BeQuant, on the other hand, offers liquidity and FIX connectivity for low-latency traders.

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Beeks Financial Cloud will host BeQuant. Under the agreement, BeQuant will be able to guarantee a consistent speed of access to all participants that use Beek’s proximity hosting and bare metal server options, the statement said.

Commenting on the collaboration, Gordon McArthur, the CEO of Beeks Financial Cloud, said: “The cryptocurrency market is constantly expanding, and by adding exchanges such as BeQuant to our portfolio, Beeks is able to facilitate access to these markets for our customers. Guaranteeing that no customer will have greater access speed than another is a unique offering and we are delighted to announce this new partnership with BeQuant.”

Beeks and BeQuant Partnership Made Possible by Equinix

The partnership is possible thanks to Beeks’ partnership with Equinix. This is because BeQuant’s matching engine will be hosted on Beek’s network within Equinix’s LD4 datacentre in London. Currently, the company operates within nine Equinix datacentres globally.

“Cryptocurrency exchanges that access key markets such as New York, Tokyo and London, with interconnection to the FX fiat ecosystem including liquidity providers as well as market data providers, provide critical services today, and enable global trading opportunities in the future. Beeks Financial Cloud powered by Platform Equinix provides the scalability, reach, and market connectivity that this growing ecosystem requires,” noted Eleni Coldrey, Business Development Director at Equinix.

Adding to this, George Zarya, the CEO of BeQuant stated: “Digital assets have continued to generate interest among institutional investors. As a result, businesses dealing with cryptocurrencies need to provide a high-quality service that appeals to the demands of these clients.”

“Through partnering with Beeks, BeQuant will continue building a reliable, trusted and efficient exchange platform that will have transparency and compliance at its heart.”

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