Beware: Fake Bakkt Giveaway is Seeking BTC and ETH

As the much-anticipated futures platform of Bakkt is launched, multiple scammers are impersonating the company to trap investors to steal their digital assets.

A fake website – – has recently been launched and, like any classic scams, is asking investors to participate in a crypto giveaway by sending Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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The website faked the layout of Bakkt’s Medium page where the company makes all its announcements and is promoting a “Bakkt – Official ETH and BTC Giveaway.”

“We wanted to commemorate such an achievement by holding a giveaway of 5000 BTC and 10000 ETH! A special promotion for BTC and ETH users!” the fake website noted.

The website provides two links – one for Bitcoin and other for Ethereum – and is asking crypto holders to contribute between 0.1 to 10 BTC to receive five times more Bitcoins or Ethereum to receive ten times more back.

“If you participate for 5 BTC or 100 ETH, you will get an additional 100% bonus,” the fake website added.

A flop launch of BTC futures?

Bakkt recently launched its Bitcoin futures trading platform to facilitate physically-delivered Bitcoin futures trading in the United States. However, as predicted by many analysts, the demand for Bakkt-sold Bitcoin futures was very slow. After two days of trading, the platform sold only 57 units of BTC futures, as seen on

Meanwhile, regulators all over the world are constantly busting fraudulent websites and warning crypto investors to stay away from them. Last month, the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) reissued its warning against suspicious crypto-related schemes of Bitcoin Revolution, which according to the watchdog, is a “get-rich-quick” scam.

The Belgian financial watchdog is also continuously updating its crypto warning list which now contains the names of 121 suspicious platforms.

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