“Billions of People Will Use Bitcoin Cash SV In Coming Years”, Says Craig Wright

Ethereum Is Useless & XRP Is Illegal. This time around in the medium post, he seems to have mellowed down while pointing out points in the support of the BCH SV fork.

Craig suggests that the SV blockchain is ready to open up for businesses since it is scalable. The key focus of the network, for now, is to create an enabling environment for businesses to operate efficiently. In doing so, they are not wanting to create or promote any form of anarchy as mainstream media insinuate. He writes:

“It is not a method to create anonymous systems to help promote and create anarchy. Rather, we have been developing technologies to increase business efficiency, to open markets, and to allow trade.”

He elaborated that their aim is to make the market more inviting and to facilitate trade.

“We plan to open development of systems that will have billions of people using Bitcoin in the coming years, without even knowing that they are using Bitcoin. Basically, we seek to create a system that proves the ends which reflect how any good system should be?—?not one based on ideology and religious drive, but simple efficiency and value.”

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