Binance Chain Releases Latest Version of Its Mainnet, Galileo

As per the announcement,  four major changes have been implemented in Galileo: the matching engine has been revised with “Taker” and “Maker” matching logic, Binance Chain token assets can now be time-locked and state sync options have been enhanced, trading pairs on Binances decentralized exchange, Binance DEX can be delisted. 

Another new feature is the Time-locking tokens, that will reportedly sought by a number of projects looking to list their crypto assets. Initially explained in the BEP-9 proposal, the Galileo announcement also echoes that businesses may sometimes require time-locked tokens as a means of securing commitment from founders, or for collateral:

As per Galileo’s full rundown, the latest mainnet is a hardfork of its previous version i.e. Galileo will require at  least two-thirds consensus from validators in order to successfully upgrade from the previous version.

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