Bitcoin and Gold Could Drop to $1,000 Amid Coronavirus Plunge, says Peter Brandt

The crypto market recently crashed terribly and has not yet returned to previous levels. The plunge was caused by the coronavirus and the general thought is that things might not recover as expected until there is some headway with the COVID-19 spread. Popular analyst and trader Peter Brandt, however, has a much worse forecast for both Bitcoin (BTC) and Gold.

In a recent tweet“There should be support for Gold prices under $1,400. If price drops below $1300, then $1,050 here we come.”

Currently, Gold is trading at $1,528.60, after climbing 2.87%.

In a subsequent tweet“Leaning toward $1,000, but there remains one “pie-in-the-sky” bullish chart construction possibility.”

Just last week, Brandt wrote on twitter on Bitcoin and predicted that $21,400, beating its current all-time high, might be possible.

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