Bitcoin Cash Organizers in Japan Offer Virtual Meetup Option Amid COVID-19 Spread

Many parts of the world have suspended physical gatherings with a large number of people, to reduce the risk of a further spread of COVID-19. This move, however necessary, has disrupted a lot of events, including crypto. Now, people are looking to online alternatives as Bitcoin Cash (BCH) events will now be handled virtually.

A recent announcement says“We are going to offer an option to join our Virtual Meetups for the near term as we see how events unfold. We will be trying out various collaboration tools to find out what best meets our needs…Our objective is to make the meetup as accessible as possible, with as rich an experience as we can curate.”

Written by the organizer of the Tokyo Bitcoin Cash Meetup Akane Yokoo, the announcement says that the virtual meetup will happen on Wednesday the 18th of March and will begin from 7:30 pm. Interested participants are asked to RSVP, to receive instructions and links to be a part of the event.

Yokoo hopes that the development will allow the small community in Osaka to mix with the bigger Tokyo group.

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