Bitcoin Dropped From $18,400 to $17,200 Amid $805 Million Liquidations

On the 17th of November, Bitcoin crossed the 2-year resistance level at $17,100 to $18,000, a new high for 2020. Shortly after, the giant coin fell to $17,200. The rise and fall indicate that BTC has climbed 11% in the last 24 hours and dropped 7% during the same period. 

According to by, a total of $805.69 million in crypto liquidations occurred over the past 24 hours. In a tweet, highlighted the exchange liquidations for both long and short positions. Bitcoin liquidations stand at 76% of the total liquidations. This is about $617.55 million of the liquidated $805 million. 

Also, Ethereum liquidations are about $88.38 million. An EthereumWorldNews report a detailed screenshot of the $805 million in crypto liquidation. Apart from Bitcoin and Etherem, other affected altcoins are:

notedImage Credits: Pixabay

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