Bitcoin Tops Googles’ Most Asked Trending List 2018

Bitcoin News: While Bitcoin (BTC) has had a roller coaster ride over the year, Google Trends Data suggests that the question ‘What is Bitcoin?’ is the most searched definition in the U.S. and U.K. in 2018.

Turning a decade old this year, Bitcoin observed a bull run in 2017, gaining much traction from the mainstream financial institutions. Though the high soon began to dwindle and now BTC stands about 80% down from its 2017 high. It seems that this fluctuating ride has also risen the curiosity of market outsiders who pose only a vague idea or no idea about the cryptocurrencies.

Undoubtedly understanding the token is no easy task, with all the jargons in the likes of the blockchain, hash rate, miners and nodes deeply integrated. While it is understandable that people search about the token during it bulls, but BTC has managed to gain quite a lot of attention even during its bear.

Interestingly a study recently suggested that BTC’s media coverage surges, as the price falls. This fact was also testified by Google earlier as well, as the searches for BTC surged to 8-month high, while the token was facing a massive crackdown.

Notably, not only the largest cryptocurrency according to the market cap features on this list, the second largest one, Ripple (XRP) is quite evidently present. Ripple with its ‘How to buy Ripple’ scores the fourth position in the most-asked how to question listing according to Google Trends data.

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