Bitmain Launches Antminer T17 at HR 40 TH/s, $1270 Per Unit

Chinese tech giant Bitmain announced that they are releasing the new Antminer T17 miner, which is set to ship next May, according to Bitmain’s website, for $1270 per unit.

As was perhaps expected, the company is limiting orders to 10 units per user but this time with no restrictions on shipping to China and Taiwan. For the shipments to the US, the shipments will contain a 2.6 percent tax and an additional 25 percent import duty in accordance with the Sino-US trade agreements.

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In addition, Bitmain warned its German customers about customs clearance problems when shipments arranged via DHL and said it wouldn’t be responsible for any customs delay or shipment returns.

In its official blog, Bitmain says that Antminer T17 is the entry model from the 17 series which uses a new design to improve the miner’s stability and performance while also preventing dust.

First off, what is Antminer T17

For miners looking to diversify their operations, the Antminer T17 could be an attractive option as the device is designed to mine SHA256 algorithm-based digital coins including Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

This new mining hardware unit is also touted as being equipped with Bitmain’s 2nd Generation 7nm chip process and utilizing the TSMC FinFET technology. Chinese ASIC manufacturer further notes that Antminer T17 superior to its predecessors in performance and energy efficiency. Specifically, the new chip is achieving power efficiency at 55 J/TH with a hash rate of 40 TH/s, which is said to help miners generate more income and reduce costs for mining farms.

Bitmain also advertised further details about the new hardware including that “the space between the air inlet to the air outlet has been reduced by 50%, improving heat dissipation which further enhances the long-term operation of the miner and reduce maintenance costs for users.”

Bitmain’s launch of its S17 set of miners, which includes the Antminer S17 Pro, Antminer S17 and the Antminer T17, could allow the company to capitalize on Bitcoin’s recent rally, which could fuel an increased desire to mine cryptocurrencies.

Earlier last month, Bitmain Technologies had allowed its IPO application on the Hong Kong Stock exchange to lapse, six months after it filed a draft prospectus. Originally, the world’s largest maker of cryptocurrency mining computers had sought to raise up to $3 billion of new capital and achieve a market valuation of more than $15 billion.

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