News to Launch ‘Primers’ for Cryptocurrency Newcomers

Anyone who has switched on the news recently will, if they were not immediately overwhelmed by ‘orange man bad‘ Trump stories, have come across blockchain. It’s the talk of the town. The star of the fintech show. A diamond in the digital asset crown. But how many crypto enthusiasts actually know what blockchain is? And of those people, how many will actually admit that they don’t?

Well, fear not dummies because is launching its own ‘Blockchain Primers.’ These will be similar to prior pieces of research that the company has done. The difference is that these so-called primers will be aimed at the Average Joe investor as opposed to someone with a Ph.D. in nuclear physics.

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“[We] often hear that accessing information on crypto that is both reliable and freely available is one of the most challenging issues, particularly for newcomers,” a statement issued by the company said. “Blockchain Primers are intended to provide a relatively brief overview of each cryptoasset. With Blockchain Primers, we’re bringing the high quality research of Wall Street to Main Street.”

Bitcoin Cash – first on the menu’s first primer will cover Bitcoin Cash. The company released the primer on Wednesday via its website. For those who are new to the cryptocurrency world, the primer contains a combination of introductory and background material to both the digital asset being discussed and the wider cryptocurrency industry.

The primer also contains a decent set of information that would satisfy the needs of experienced cryptocurrency traders. There are some quick statistics which cover the cryptocurrency’s key features, including a set of strengths and weaknesses. It also includes several sets of data, summarised in charts and tables, that, according to, were not previously available to the public.

Such information should prove useful to both newcomers and savvy traders alike. Indeed, the company is not wrong in saying that there is a paucity of trustworthy cryptocurrency information available to traders. Hopefully, that’s about to change.

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