Bored? John McAfee’s New App Will Harass & Reward You in BTC

Antivirus software billionaire John McAfee has gained a reputation for being a rather vociferous character within the cryptosphere. When SEC Chairman Jay Clayton stated in CNBC interview last year that he believes that ICO tokens are securities, McAfee “[welcomed] the opportunity to RIP the SEC a new a#%hole” and shouted over Twitter that the Commission had better “back the [email protected]% off.”

Now you, too, can be “harangued” by John McAfee, thanks to “Bitcoin Play,” a new Android app that he released on Saturday, May 4. According to McAfee, the app has a “family friendly option” and an adult version in which McAfee’s dulcet tones can be heard “cursing at [the users’] ineptitude.”

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A Clever Attempt to Onboard New Users Onto the Bitcoin Network?

The app appears to be a way to engage new users with Bitcoin. Bitcoin Play will reward its users with tiny amounts of Bitcoin in units called “Satoshis” in exchange for correctly answering various trivia questions on topics like sports, general knowledge, and entertainment. The BTC is then sent to the user’s “wallet of choice,” which means that users will have to set up a Bitcoin wallet in order to receive their rewards. (We see what you did there, John McAfee.)

Indeed, although McAfee didn’t explain that this was the app’s purpose, the fact that users will be rewarded in BTC could expose a new group of people to owning and using the asset – even in small amounts. Users are further incentivized to use the app by having the opportunity to “compete against other users in John McAfee’s Weekly Competition League and win extra rewards and prizes.”

The BTC payout amount slowly increases as users continually correctly answer corrections, which also acts as an incentive for users to engage with the app over longer periods of time. However, the difficulty of the questions also increases as users continue to correctly answer questions.

So far, a total of 33 users have collectively given the app a rating of 4.1 on the Google Play store.

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