Brave, An Ethereum Blockchain Based Web Browser Competing Against Google Chrome And Firefox

Popular Science, a popular science magazine, claimed recently that Brave offers a browser that is comparable if not super to Firefox and Opera. The post states:

“The Brave browser emphasizes security and privacy. To start with, it comes with a built-in ad-blocker (just remember to whitelist the sites you want to support) so pop-ups can’t weigh down your browsing and websites can’t track you as well. For even more control, Brave features advanced security settings.”

A CCN report from months ago suggested that the browser already has passed 3 million users, attributed by traffic from digital creators and publishers. The report said:

“More than 18,000 publishers and content creators (including CCN) have registered as verified publishers, enabling them to collect BAT donated by Brave users. Of these, the vast majority — 13,500 — are YouTube and Twitch streamers, likely owing to the fact that hosting platforms such as YouTube take significant cuts of shared ad revenue.”

In the current scenario, where dApps are attracting more and more users and offer immense use of growth; Brave enables new users to become more accustomed to these structures.

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