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Captain Kirk Goes Crypto Collectible with Shatner-WAX Partnership

Our boldly goes where (almost) no crypto media outlet has gone before to bring you news of William Shatner and his adventures with blockchain technology.

Iconic actor Shatner played Captain James Kirk in the hit TV series Star Trek, a role that won him cult status among the franchise’s legions of fans.

The show’s unwavering popularity is largely powered by its dedicated fandom, famous for hoarding collectible Star Trek-themed items. So perhaps it was only a matter of time before somebody made the blockchain connection.

And that somebody has turned out to be the operators of the WAX blockchain network and the Worldwide Asset eXchange, who partnered with the actor famous for playing the skipper of the Starship Enterprise for a series of Shatner-themed blockchain-based trading cards powered by non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

WAX’s move has already seen some 10,000 bundles of Shatner cards sell out within just nine minutes following their release on July 30, the operator said.

Close to 125,000 digital cards were issued on the WAX blockchain, generating some USD 110,000 worth in sales, said Evan Vandenberg, Wax’s Director Of Business Development.

In a tweet, Vandenberg suggested that the cards were already hot property among Star Trek fans.

He wrote,

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