Cardano (ADA) Price Reaches Past $0.10 Setting Fresh Highs, These Factors Indicate More in the Offing for the Smart-Contract Asset

Recently released data from Messari reveals many smart-contract crypto assets have seen really strong performances in 2020, even outperforming King coin, Bitcoin.

ADA/USD Daily Chart

Smart Contracts “Mania” Seems to Be On

Recently released data from data aggregator, Messari reveals that many smart-contract crypto assets have seen incredible performances in 2020 even outperforming Bitcoin since the year’s start.

ADA is up 157% since the year’s start while BTC is up by nearly 25% which indicates an underperforming Bitcoin.

After years of development and months of testing and optimizing, Shelley has finally arrived. At the Cardano virtual summit, the code for Shelley was released. Deployed on July 1 is node software that has all of the Shelley features which will go live when a hard fork occurs on July 29th.

It was also disclosed at the event that Coinbase will eventually support ADA staking. All this adds up to positivity for ADA as commentators on the space are positive about the upgrade.

Bill Barhydt, Abra CEO commented on the Cardano upgrade and its impact on the crypto space in a recent blog stating:

“Many are super bullish on the project and expect great things while others consider the project vaporware such that any failure to deliver would result in a precipitous drop in the token’s value. My take is that competition in the cryptocurrency space is always a great thing and is exactly what we need to accelerate the pace of adoption and improvement.”

Image Credit: Messari, Shutterstock

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