Catalan Government to Deploy Autonomous and Decentralized Identification Project

A new decentralized identity system called IdentiCAT, has just been announced by the Catalan government. Described as “decentralized and self-obedient”, the project is expected to help citizens gain considerable access to several services.

IdentiCAT was presented by President Quim Torra, along with Jordi Puignero, the current Minister of Digital Policies and Administration. The announcement states that citizens with data in the system can choose what exactly they want to be included in IdentiCAT. The platform will also allow some of the information to be shared with certain external parties if the citizens decide to.

According to President Torra:

“Now it’s time to lead the digital revolution. We speak of an entrepreneurial society that is attentive to social novelties and innovations. The aim of this government is to put people at the center of their policies, also the digital ones.”

The announcement further mentions that production and development of IdentiCAT is planned to be fully concluded by 2020 but is yet to start. The government will also not hold the personal data but will only handle bidding for the production of the system which is set to be auctioned for about 550,000 euros – roughly $608,000. IdentiCAT will also not be restricted to citizens who currently live in Catalonia but will also be available to all interested citizens in the diaspora.

Puignero also spoke on the project, its importance and also its decentralization. According to him, the government is uninterested in maintaining power over its citizens but to strengthen them. He said:

“The republic we want is one that empowers citizens, not that it controls them, represses them or treats them as digital merchandise.”

Image Credits: Pixabay

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