CFA Examination Adds Blockchain & Crypto Topics

2019 CFA Aspirant? Then You Might As Well Study About Crypto & Blockchain Technology

CFA Institute is one of the world’s most famous nonprofits, focusing on investment professionals specifically, and offering various certifications in the field, like the Investment Foundations Certificate.

It offers a three-level program, which covers a range of topics, from machine learning to artificial intelligence. Some 150,000 financial professionals have received training through this program.

Now the CFA exam has added cryptocurrency and blockchain to its curriculum, Bloomberg reported on July 16. Next year, the CFA curriculum (level 1 and 2) will feature topics on cryptocurrency and blockchain.

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The decision to add these topics comes after industry members showed a particular interest in crypto, likely due to the recent intertwining of the finance sector and the crypto industry, something that was sparked by the 2017 Bitcoin boom.

Next month, the material for the 2019 CFA exam will be out. If you’re planning on taking the exam, aim to log roughly 300 hours of study time.

The crypto topics are part of a new reading called Fintech in Investment Management. The CFA Institute added the topics after industry participants “showed surging interest in surveys and focus groups,” as reported by Bloomberg.

While digital coins have tumbled in 2018 and the real-world impact of blockchain ventures has thus far been limited, some observers say the technology could ultimately transform swathes of the global financial system.

Stephen Horan, managing director for general education and curriculum at CFA Institute in Charlottesville, Virginia said,

“We saw the field advancing more quickly than other fields and we also saw it as more durable.”

“This is not a passing fad.”

In the world of investment, there has been a massive expansion of crypto, and yet, many are still confused as to how it works, or how to avoid illegal activity. By having exams such as the CFA exam include crypto and blockchain material, people will be entering the industry with the knowledge they need to succeed—something which many in the industry currently don’t have.

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