Chainlink and Kadena to Launch First Hybrid Blockchain Integration

Chainlink and Kadena are set to launch the first-ever hybrid blockchain integration in the cryptocurrency industry.

Chainlink is an Oracle-based platform for off-chain data feeds to gain access to blockchains. Kadena specializes in linking public applications with private blockchains, to create a single hybrid system that complements each other’s services.

The collaboration between the two giants will allow users to quickly create end-to-end production-ready smart contracts using Chainlink’s huge template database.

Chainlink provides solutions primarily to developers who struggle to connect their data input with centralized oracles such as APIs and off-chain data. Chainlink creates a decentralized network by using multiple chain links, thereby creating a highly secure system in the process. The platform boasts of tech giants as clients, including Oracle, Google, and SWIFT.

Kadena’s public chain network is powered by a layer-1 Proof of Work, which maintains scalability and Bitcoin integrity through KDA, its proprietary security token. Notable companies that use Kadena include JP Morgan, Cosmos, and USCF.

Outside the crypto community, the Kadena-Chainlink partnership could yield an innovative testing tool kit for Covid-19. Medical institutions and governments can use Chainlink to determine the validity of testing kits and their test results. 

The success of this partnership will create a stronger blockchain ecosystem.

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