Clever DeFi Offering Easy Yield Farming for Investors

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Within the rapidly growing cryptocurrency industry, decentralized finance is regarded as the next financial revolution. Among the defi protocols in the market, Clever DeFi is committed to taking yield farming to new heights.

Yield Farming Made Easy

Clever DeFi is a cutting-edge, unique platform that rewards anyone that holds its native CLVA token. It is designed as a solution to the risks associated with yield farming. It provides a sustainable and profitable system for yield farming.

The protocol does this by integrating a decentralized distribution mechanism (DDM) on the Ethereum based smart contract. The DDM ensures that up to 11% interest is minted every 14 days and rewarded to token holders.

Since the DDM is encoded on the smart contract, it cannot be modified or changed, making it tamper-proof. The rewards are spread across 888 cycles that will take 34 years to complete, which is a long time for investors to make life-changing profits.

Some of the criticism about decentralized finance is it gives whales the power to control DeFi platforms. This is particularly the case with several DeFi projects where the founding team rug pulls by dumping premined tokens resulting in a flash crash in the token price.

Clever DeFi fixed this problem with its zero initial supply policy. This means that the Clever DeFi team did not mine a single token before its launch. So no whale can dump huge chunks of CLVA tokens on the market, which would affect the price. This, in its way, is an anti-inflation method meant to stabilize the price of CLVA in future.

307% Compound Interest In 12 months

Clever DeFi strong points lie in the crazy returns that holders can make holding CLVA tokens. A trader that buys CLVA and keeps for a year will receive up to 307% compound interest within this period.

When you compare this to other DeFi protocols that offer 30-70% and banks that offer 2-5% interest yearly, it is no brainer that investors have switched their attention to Clever since the minting phase began in February.

Clever DeFi also offers truly decentralized finance since it does not request token holders to stake tokens for rewards. There are no conditions and CLVA token holders have the freedom to sell or exchange their tokens without any penalties or lock-ins, which is truly remarkable compared to the norm.

So, in a nutshell, Clever DeFi provides a platform to double your portfolio without locking or staking your tokens.

CLVA Price Bullish after Uniswap Listing

CLVA was listed on decentralized exchange Uniswap on March 17 to a lot of expectations from the crypto community. The token did not disappoint as the price surged following unprecedented demand for it.

Uniswap is the largest decentralized exchange and is known for providing investors the opportunity to buy tokens at their early stages. Therefore, CLVA benefited from the Uniswap effect, with its price spiking by more than 120% in 24 hours.

From its initial listing price of 0.0020 ETH, the price of CLVA token has doubled to a High of 0.0044 ETH on the same day, with more crypto lovers showing interest in the Clever DeFi project.

Investors have expressed their satisfaction with the platform, citing the prospect of earning interests in CLVA tokens and rewards for providing liquidity on Uniswap. Clever DeFi appears to be the next yield farming project to the moon.

The Clever DeFi team has done well to integrate an analytics platform that displays the latest information. The analytics shows the price of CLVA, total supply, countdown to the next cycle, and total market cap.

CLVA will be listed on other exchanges, including CoinsBit in the upcoming weeks ahead. The added listing in future exchanges will lead to more investors accessing the token and increasing CLVA token value.

At the moment, CLVA is only available for trading on Uniswap and P2PB2B.

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