CME Open Interest Rises Amid Increasing Institutional Interest In Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin Open Interest on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) has hit a record high, exceeding $337 million due to increased institutional investment. Recent data by Skew Analytics that CME is now the second-highest exchange platform for total open interest in Bitcoin futures, overtaking Binance. 

The recent rise in Bitcoin’s price has encouraged more institutional interest in the digital asset, pushing its average open interest to $2.5 billion. The new figure for average open interest is 2020’s highest mark.

In the past five days, Bitcoin has surged 15% to over $13,000, its highest price since March 2019. Currently trading at $12,814.31, Bitcoin is down nearly 2% over its previous close of $12,965.89.

According to data collected by The Block, aggregate open interest is valued at $2.48 billion. The aggregate value is led by crypto exchange Deribit, which holds a significant share of open interest at $1.82 billion. 

Bitcoin trader Nick Cole commented on CME ‘s recent achievement in a . He said:

Image Credits: Pixabay

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