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Constellation Introduces Initiative To Promote Better Data Security

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As it endeavors to advance the Big Data paradigm with its Hypergraph Network, Hypergraph Transfer Protocol (HGTP), and L_0 token standard, Constellation Network is launching the Project Submissions program to attract more development talent.

Big Data Enterprises To Benefit From Innovative Tokenization Standard

The last few years witnessed the meteoric rise of blockchain technology across several industries and use cases. As blockchain moves beyond cryptocurrencies, it has started disrupting Big Data analytics by adding security, transparency, and efficiency to more established processes.

Constellation Network has positioned itself as the world’s only scalable enterprise-grade blockchain for the Big Data industry. For companies where data is essential for missions and operations, the platform provides a perfect solution. Its microservice and state-supported framework for big data use cases allow companies to leverage real-world data and highly customizable market mechanics.

Constellation Network has set a new benchmark for cryptographically securing complex data structures by applying distributed ledger technology (DLT), the Hypergraph Network, Hypergraph Transfer Protocol (HGTP), and L_0 token standard. As part of its continuous efforts to empower businesses, the platform is encouraging applications for its Project Submissions program.

By participating, developers can create applications that leverage the network’s power of immutability, auditability, and tokenization features. Enterprises can link advanced business logic and data to the network, adding external datasets using APIs incorporated directly into their applications with minimal fees.

Empowering Businesses While Ensuring High-Grade Security, Traceability, And Transparency

Constellation Network offers a distributed network architecture that can accommodate real-world big data use cases using the Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) protocol and highly customizable state channels (collection of microservices). Developers building apps on the network can easily integrate state channels, enabling direct E2E security and seamless deployment.

The network’s Proof of Reputable Observations (PRO) and DAG protocol consensus model are purposefully designed to match the throughput requirements of enormous datasets while managing top-level consensus to mitigate double-spends and malicious actions. Additionally, Constellation Network offers a suite of cybersecurity tools that developers can incorporate into their applications to leverage blockchain’s encryption, transparency, and traceability.

Using the L_0 token standard and the $DAG tokens, Constellation Network ensures that each bit of data’s value is linked to tokens. To further empower enterprises, all basic transactions on the network are free, and Big Data processing will require $DAG as payment. Therefore, developers can bring digital assets on-chain and programmatically share rewards, aligning stakeholders and communities with business objectives.

Running on fully decentralized nodes scattered across the world, Constellation Network is already working with the US Federal Government to validate and secure big data for the evolving digital infrastructure using its innovative distributed ledger technology.

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