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Craig Wright Fights Back: ‘You Don’t Understand Digital Signatures At All’

In a defense of his claims, Craig Wright, a controversial Australian computer scientist, said that no messages on the Bitcoin (BTC) addresses calling him a fraud have been signed at all, leaving the Cryptoverse baffled.

As reported, 145 addresses were signed calling Wright a fraud and claiming he doesn’t have the keys used to sign the message. As an explanation for that, Wright offered the following statement: “No message was signed. You can’t have a digital signature that is anonymous by definition. […] You can run a digital signature over them, that’s not signing a message.”

Pressed by the interviewer Patrick McLain, Co-founder of blockchain accelerator MouseBelt, to explain further, Wright added that one needs an identity to sign a message, “somebody can’t go and say, ‘I’ve got a key, I’m signing.’ If you think that, then you don’t understand digital signatures at all.”

Following a comment that to sign, “you have to register a key and it has to be protected,” Wright ended the interview claiming a prior engagement, and did not clarify further.

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