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Cryptocurrency Prices Today on August 6: Ethereum rises over 4% after upgrade

market volume for the last 24 hours reached $99.90 billion. This is a 23.06% increase.

All stable coins accounted for 79.12% of total crypto market volume. Bitcoin’s price was $39799.30, and its dominance at 45.70% was an increase of 0.06 per cent over the previous day.

This was after Ethereum received a major overhaul on August 5. It boosted the intraday growth its native cryptocurrency Ether by 4.16% to trade at 2,790 USD.

The Ethereum Improvement Protocol 1559 (EIP-1559) is a form of hard fork. It is a permanent, unchangeable modification to the blockchain. Depending on current demand-supply trends, the protocol of the blockchain community will algorithmically and automatically determine transaction fees after this enhancement.

These are the 10 biggest cryptocurrencies as of August 6, 2017, at 7.34 AM