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DeBio Anonymous-First Platform For Genetics Data Using Kilt Protocol

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To further empower users and genetic labs, DeBio has implemented the Kilt Decentralized Identity Protocol. This new protocol is designed to ensure strict anonymity and privacy between users, labs, and the genetic data stored on the platform.

Innovative Blockchain Protocol To Ensure Anonymity, Privacy, And Genetic Data Security

DeBio, formerly known as Degenics, is partnering with the Kilt Protocol team to launch a one-of-a-kind, fully decentralized network focused on privacy and data protection. Using the Kilt Decentralized Identity Protocol, DeBio will provide anonymous, decentralized sample collection, payment, data storage, and report distribution for genetic testing.

Developed by BOTLabs, the Kilt Protocol is an open-source blockchain protocol, part of the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems and built on Parity Technologies’ Substrate development framework. It is a digital identity framework capable of issuing self-sovereign, anonymous, decentralized identifiers and validated credentials using Web 3.0 standards.

Anyone can develop applications on top of the KILT Protocol and license them for money or offer paid services. DeBio already provides many genetic testing services, ranging from sample collection, data storage to report generation. And with Kilt Protocol’s underlying technology, the platform can ensure anonymity, data security, and privacy.

Ingo Rübe, the founder of KILT Protocol, adds, “In building an anonymous-first platform, DeBio Network is transforming medical interactions for consumers – truly a Web3 approach, which is essential for driving the digitization of the healthcare sector. Incorporating verifiable credentials through KILT provides users the anonymity needed for such personal data, adding a trust layer that gives users control over their health information.”

Restoring Control Over Your Personally Identifiable Data

While DeBio will soon launch several services for your personal medical needs, it will begin with genetics. The team aims to democratize direct-to-consumer genomics with a privacy-preserving, anonymous-first platform running on a fully decentralized, autonomous infrastructure.

It is a unique concept that allows synergy between Biomed labs of all scales while guaranteeing user anonymity and sovereignty at every step of the genomic data science workflow. It will act as the bridge between genetic labs and users, seamlessly connecting both the physical and digital aspects of genetic testing.

The DeBio ecosystem, powered by Kilt Protocol, puts an end to the use of KYC for genetic tests. Users can generate a DeBio wallet and choose a biomedical testing product from several Biomed dApps integrated on the platform. Through a smart contract, the platform locks the number of tokens required to pay and provides the user the address of the lab and a shareable public key.

Users can then gather samples and mail them to the address they received, including the public key. On receipt of the package, the lab tests the sample and generates the reports. They can then encrypt the reports with the user’s public key and upload them on DeBio’s distributed storage.

Once the reports are ready, only the user can access them using their paired private key. As a result, the user’s data remains completely sovereign, without any paired KYC or identity.

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