DeFi Platform ‘Sushiswap’ Attacker Foiled by Dev Team’s Quick Moves

Despite some rather serious PR issues earlier this year, automated market maker, Sushiswap seems to be making a comeback after the platform managed to fend off an attempted exploitation on Saturday.

CoinTelegraph reported that Sushiswap’s anonymous head developer, who goes by @0xMaki on Twitter, appears to have taken steps to mitigate the alleged exploit attempt.

Another anonymous Twitter user, @Juan_Snow1, wrote that 0xMaki seems to have been in direct communication with the hacker who was attempting to exploit the platform, offering them a bug bounty for the exploit.

What Happened?

@Andy8052, a Sushiswap developer that was named by 0xMaki in the post-mortem report of the attack, told CoinTelegraph that the attacker managed to pull off the exploit by wrapping liquidity pool tokens and deploying them to a new pool.

Essentially, the attacker used “really weird logic to pull the underlying tokens from the reward contract,” Andy said.

However, the affected contracts were patched within hours. 0xMaki also said that the auditing firm Peckshield will be reviewing the changes.

@Andy8052 told CoinTelegraph that in spite of Sushiswap’s troubles earlier in the year, he has great faith in the new Sushiswap team.

“They have been heads down working super hard,” he said. “Just look at all the cool stuff they have released and are working on. It definitely doesn’t hurt my view of them but also didn’t really change much for me personally as I already thought pretty highly of the team.”

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