Donate Your Cryptocurrencies To Kerala Relief, Initiative By Pocketbits

It is often said that the real test of humanity is how, we humans all come together forgetting our differences of caste, creed, gender, color, and nationality in the moment of calamity. A beautiful quaint state of India, Kerala has been struck with a natural disaster and the devastation caused is beyond measure. Help and support have been pouring in from all corners and this time the crypto-world joining in with full swing.

Kerala is in dire need of your support in any form. All 14 districts of the state are under red alert after witnessing prolonged rains that are up 300% from normal levels and over 30 dams in the state that were opened at the same time. Over 400 people have already lost their lives and around 14 Lakhs of individuals are being rescued and moved to 3,200 relief camps located around the state. According to initial estimates, an estimated loss of $3 Bn in damage has been incurred.

Rehabilitation of the state will require immense manpower and equally massive financial backup. Almost all the giants in the startup and tech ecosystem have been taking a lead role in helping people donate relief materials for the victims of the Kerala floods, including  Facebook, Google, Zomato, Paytm, BigBasket, Flipkart. As an effort to do their bit and to help others do theirs, Sohail Merchant, the founder of Mumbai-based cryptocurrency startup PocketBits, has created a platform where crypto users from around the world could contribute to Kerala.

PocketBits Aid to Kerala

In collaboration with Indiabits, Pocketbits is creating a channel for crypto token holders around the globe to donate to the Chief Minister’s Relief Distress Fund (CMDRF) in Kerala and transfer goods to nonprofits with on-the-ground presence in Kerala. The Crypto startup has set up a page for the same. At the time of publishing this article,the company has already received donations worth INR 1.64 Lakh.

Message from the firm:

“Although the central government has issued INR 500 Cr ($77.48 Mn) assistance to the state, damages incurred may well be in the billions. With food supply, water, and medicines seeing shortages due to disruptions in supply chains, the people are in dire need of help from around the world. If you are a retailer in Bengaluru or can help us acquire these items, drop a message to @joel_john on Telegram.” 

How does it work?

The cryptocoins received will be converted to INR at spot prices every few hours. A half of the funds received will be wired to the Chief Minister’s fund. The other half will be utilized to buy goods (sanitary napkins, medicines etc) and donates via regional NGOs – Anbodu Kochi.

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