Egretia EGT Now Trading At KuCoin Exchange Platform

KuCoin announces today that they have listed the native and transaction currency of the world’s first HTML5 Blockchain Engine, Egretia EGT.

It’s bringing safe, secure, low-cost development ecosystem to the world with HTML5 technology; they can implement complicated solutions and blockchain services to players, channels, and advertisers to generate an ecosystem.

Egretia is the world’s first HTML5 Blockchain engine and platform. Egretia collaboration with Egret Technology who has spent four years concentrating on HTML5 workflow development. This workflow comprises over ten products, has attained more than 200,000 developers worldwide. Moreover, the content powered by this workflow has reached 1 billion mobile terminals.

Egretia will include the following main components:

  • Digital Asset Exchange Platform: Provides a platform that allows players to build games on Egretia that can exchange digital assets.
  • Advertising Platform : Build ad management systems on blockchain-based games, smart contracts, and electronic payments.
  • Gaming Platform: Players can play games on this platform, the platform uses a proof-of-game (PPG) mechanism for electronic rewards for players as well as sharing with friends.

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