Endor (EDR) Now Trading on KuCoin Exchange Platform


Today, Endor is gladly announcing that they have listed their native currency EDR to KuCoin, a world-class blockchain asset exchange. EDR is now available on KuCoin platform with trading pairs such as EDR/BTC and EDR/ETH. Selling and withdrawal are enabled.

A significant factor that Endor Protocol requires is adequate liquidity. Aside from that, they also ensure that EDR Token is sourced and traded on reliable exchanges at low volatility for catalysts and enterprises.

ENDOR (EDR) An AI Prediction Protocol

The Endor protocol is the world’s first predictions protocol, empowering an ecosystem that advances automated, precise, and affordable predictions for all. It offers an excellent solution for individuals and small to medium-sized enterprises. It also provides an opportunity to have access to this kind of technologies and studies at a much-accelerated rate and for a lower cost.

Endor’s prediction system concentrates on the prediction of short and medium-range behavioral models (days to weeks), identifying more signals before they become discernible by other available technologies. Their predictions are from the combined analysis of the shared data and permit the owners to regulate the privacy of their data.

Endor’s EDR Token

The EDR tokens distributed by Endor Protocol are ERC20 compliant tokens and are to be used as the payment mechanism for different services offered by the Endor Protocol ecosystem. Data contributors are obligated to pay EDR tokens for the interpretation of their data to the providers of prediction engines. They are, in return are rewarded by EDR tokens when insights obtained from their data are being applied for predictions. It incentivizes the contribution and preservation of high-quality data streams.

EDR Tokens Utility

  • Purchasing pre-defined or DIY predictions
  • Payment for data providers
  • Cloud resources for data analysis (AWS or similar)
  • Cloud resources for personalized prediction (AWS or similar)
  • Submitting RFPs (Request for Predictions)
  • Requesting QoS preference for predictions
  • Submitting new data streams for the platform

About KuCoin

KuCoin is considered as a world-class blockchain asset exchange. It offers an inter-platform and a powerful responsive real-time exchange service. Users can efficiently process trades, deposits, and withdrawals via the KuCoin App or direct to the official KuCoin website. KuCoin guarantees to protect user’s privacy and assets from a possible breach. Their security team has been continually developing relevant mechanisms and administers repetitive inspections to preserve user privacy and assets.

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