ePaymints Partners with Dash to improve payments for Clients

, a merchant and technology company has established a  partnership with e-commerce and privacy coin company Dash to solve the problems of traditional payments for ePaymints clients. The partnership was announced by Dash on its Twitter page yesterday 28 November 2018.

According to the announcement, the partnership will specifically help to solve current pain points with ePaymints’ clients in high chargeback industries” including the gaming, higher education, and legal cannabis industries using Dash’s Instantsend feature.

ePaymints is a is a technology company focusing on merchant account and provides gateways with both traditional and alternative payments. Its services are currently available in 195 countries. It works with 135 currencies in 47 partner banks around the world.

Dash is a cryptocurrency company that focuses on instant payments and protection of customer privacy. It is one of the top cryptocurrencies in the space with its decentralized network hosted by thousands of users around the world.

Dash is ideal for e-commerce purchases as the speed of transactions can be as fast as that of a credit card transaction with much fewer fees and so will help immensely improve the user experience for ePaymints’ high profile clients across the world.

The payment platform also provides one of the most private transactions among cryptocurrencies in the world with high security conferred by the over 4,500 servers on its network and the enormous hash power of 200 Terahash required to confirm transactions on the network.

This partnership between ePaymints and Dash will hopefully be a win-win for the duo by improving customer payments experience for the company’s clients while increasing Dash’s adoption. This may potentially increase the assets market value as demands may go up once the integration is complete and customers start to use it for payments.

E-commerce is taking over the commerce industry and this kind of partnership indicates a bright future for cryptocurrencies especially those that focus on providing payment solutions because banks do not provide the kind of fast payments that these companies provide, which merchants around the world seek. It will be nice to see cryptocurrencies become the future of payments.


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