‘Etheremon’ Gaming DApp Dumps Ethereum and Moves to Zilliqa

The Ethereum platform was the pioneer blockchain platform for decentralized applications and ICOs due to its smart contract capability. But with time, there is always advancements in existing technology to rival that that started the industry in the first place. In the case of smart contracts, there has emerged two equally good projects of Zilliqa (ZIL) and Tron (TRX) that will rival the ‘parent’ platform of Ethereum as the days go by.

However, Scalability has been one of the biggest problems in cryptocurrency and blockchain. Even the top blockchains can’t solve this issue overnight, even though scaling solutions are in active development. Etheremon, the blockchain-based ‘Pokemon clone’, is switching its codebase from Ethereum to Zilliqa because of scalability concerns.

According to the team, high gas prices are limiting the Etheremon gaming experience overall. Gas prices have shot up to 100 Gwei, making the game 100 times as expensive to play as it should be. Paying to play a blockchain game is not exactly bothersome, but paying high fees to do so is a different matter altogether.

While the Ethereum team continues to work on upgrades like Plasma and sharding as part of the platform’s Ethereum 2.0 upgrade, applications like Etheremon have found it necessary to take their business elsewhere.

Zilliqa, Etheremon’s future home, also makes use of sharding as a scalability solution. Unlike Ethereum, however, Zilliqa was  designed to incorporate sharding from its inception. This has allowed Zilliqa to scale well beyond the speeds currently available on Ethereum.

Zilliqa’s increased scalability will bring with it a number of benefits to Etheremon players. Players will no longer be required to pay a fee to do battles and will also receive an additional 2 free energy units per hour of play in practice and ranked matches.

The team at Zilliqa would make the following statement on their medium page with regards to the new collaboration with the creators of Etheremon: EMONT Alliance.

“Gaming is viewed as one of the big potential applications for blockchain because it gives game developers the ability to directly incentivize gamers with rewards and also offers true ownership of in-game assets, even if the game were to be discontinued. We feel that games are a good fit for the Zilliqa platform because of our high throughput and low transaction costs.”

This statement reiterates the fact that the Zilliqa platform – with 2,828 transactions per second on only 6 shards this far – will be ideal for DApps in gaming, entertainment, digital advertising as well as finance.

This shift offers many advantages to Etheremon players. Battles will no longer have a fee, and players will receive 2 free energy units per hour to play a Practice or Rank match. On-chain data syncing will also undergo some changes, as players will need to perform one transaction to sync data to the Ethereum network. A hybrid blockchain approach for Etheremon appears more than warranted at this time.

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