Ethereum Co-founder Thinks Berlin is The ‘Most Important’ Blockchain City


Joseph Lubin, a co-founder of Ethereum, recently referred to Berlin as “the most important city in the blockchain cosmos”.

Lubin believes that Berlin has the necessary talent, programmers, and a great infrastructure and claims that if the government set up more programs to promote blockchain technology in Berlin and across Germany, the country’s resources would grow and blockchain would become more important.

He asserted, “Berlin has the infrastructure, Berlin has the talents, the really good programmers are here.” According to him, the only thing missing is government initiatives to promote the technology. The cryptocurrency billionaire further believes that German politicians have the power to completely develop a blockchain ecosystem in the country.

Ethereum has a strong team located in Berlin and Joseph Lubin is impressed with everything he’s seen in the city. Pfizer, the German pharmaceutical giant has begun blockchain exploration and the rest of the country is doing the same. In particular, Berlin is home to at least thirty block chain startups and various other projects that are being developed.

For instance, is a German startup company that is focused on the Internet of Things and sharing economy. enables anyone to rent, sell, or share their property without the middleman. Smart contracts are made enforceable and it makes trading trustworthy for a lot more people.

Ascibe is another exciting startup from Berlin that uses blockchain to help artists and creative people to have an ownership structure for their artwork and other media by timestamping intellectual property and giving control to creators in today’s age of the internet.

The co-founder, who has decided to focus his strengths in the development of an app that can be used on the Ethereum block chain technology with his company ConsenSys. He says there have been lots of bubbles that have busted in the market and this will also happen in the blockchain technology when the bitcoin was at $30 it was considered as a bubble, and the same thing happened at $200 and $20,000.

Ultimately, Lubin believes that blockchain technology will develop into a new generation internet, or what he refers to as ‘Web 3.0’. He sees many flaws related to privacy and democracy with the internet in its present form,

“We have to get away from silos, from companies that collect data and make money, and people should have it back in their hands.”

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