Ethereum Set to Become the First Ever Public Blockchain on Hyperledger

Current reports have it that there’s a very strong chance Hyperledger could welcome the Ethereum blockchain as the first public blockchain on its network, pretty soon. This decision is however currently in the hands of Hyperledger’s technical committee which is expected to decide whether or not Ethereum-based Pantheon, would be approved. The Hyperledger platform is known for its many efforts among which is to improve interoperability.

Pantheon is a Java-written service based on the Ethereum network, originally crafted by about 50 ConsenSys developers known as PegaSys. It’s mostly used for the creation and development of enterprise software applications that ensure strict privacy.

On Thursday the 8th of August, the proposal for the possible move was sent in a Hyperledger mail and if all goes according to plan, Pantheon will become “Hyperledger Besu” with Besu meaning “base” in Japanese.

The technical committee involved with this is made up of about 12 different firms including IBM, Microsoft, Fujitsu, SAP, Nokia, Intel, Samsung, Huawei and a few more. Christopher Ferris, the current Director of Technology for Open Technology at IBM, serves as the committee chairman.

If Pantheon successfully becomes the very first publicly available blockchain network on Hyperledger, then Hyperledger’s GitHub page would feature the Pantheon code, allowing input from several developers. This means that Pantheon will become a part of the Hyperledger family which already includes IBM’s Hyperledger Fabric and Intel’s Hyperledger Sawtooth.

Currently, Pantheon is already supported by the Ethereum blockchain and other networks including Görli, Ropsten and Rinkeby.

Image Credits: Pexels

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