Exclusive: B2BX Exchange Launches Commission Ladder & Payments Updates

B2BX Digital Exchange has revealed exclusively to Finance Magnates that it has executed updates to its payment methods and commissions, to better cater to its corporate and large individual clients.

In particular, the digital asset exchange has added the FasterPayments method for GBP wire transfers, which is available for corporate clients that have verification level 2.

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The company has added the FasterPayments method in order to improve the experience for its customers, B2BX Digital Exchange told Finance Magnates. According to an email sent out to its clients, commissions are 0.75 per cent for incoming and outgoing transactions.

Speaking to Finance Magnates Roman Zhitnik, Product Manager, B2BX said: “We tend to improve the experience of our customers that is why in the recent update we added FasterPayments for GBP transfers that is a well-known way of making deposits and withdrawals among corporate clients. We are following the paradigm of full automatization of internal processes that is why we keep integrating the function of automated invoices generation for all available bank transfers methods in our Client Area (B2Core).”

Furthermore, the company has integrated the Perfect Money payment system. This allows users to make deposits and withdrawals in EUR and USD currencies and is already available for clients that have level 2 verification.

B2BX Digital Exchange launches commission ladder

As part of the range of updates announced today, B2BX Exchange has launched a commission ladder, where the commissions vary depending on the volume.

Commissions for SEPA incoming and outgoing transactions are 0.75 per cent, while SWIFT outgoing transactions are now 2 per cent.

Speaking to Finance Magnates, the digital asset exchange said that the main reason as to why it updated its commissions was to satisfy the goals of its corporate and large individual clients that have high volume trading activity and want to get the best conditions.

Furthermore, the company wanted to make trading on its exchange cost-effective, which is why it implemented the commission ladder which is a regular practice on the majority of top exchanges.

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