Extra BTC Income Made Effortless With Honeygain

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Every day, humankind generates 300+ exabytes of data – more than it stored in all the years between 4500 BC to the 1980s. In other words, 6000+ years’ worth of information now gets created in a single day! To store, analyze, and understand it all, we created supercomputers, which used to be located in data laboratories and use megawatts of electricity. Their purpose was to perform enormous amounts of mathematical calculations that would take years for a conventional computer.

In the last few years, multiple innovative solutions that allowed this process to be simplified have gained incredible speed. Distributed systems in which thousands of household devices connect and solve questions have evolved, and the global payment industry was revolutionized by the introduction of blockchain and its decentralized networks.

One of the inventions that have been actively changing the way economy, businesses, and science are done today is Honeygain – a passive income app based on crowdsourced infrastructure with absolute transparency. Honeygain, also known as the world-leading crowdsourced web intelligence network, provides an opportunity to earn bitcoin (BTC) effortlessly for anyone worldwide.

What Is Honeygain, and What Is It Used For?

Running Honeygain on your device, you get bitcoin in exchange for your internet connection. The application’s infrastructure goes after public web data and connects to it from hundreds of locations around the world, without any geo-location restrictions and censorship. The crowdsourced supernetwork is safely encrypted, works with verified clients only, and follows all GDPR and CCPA regulations.

Honeygain’s business partners, most of which are companies from the Fortune 500 list, use this one-of-the-kind web intelligence network to supercharge their daily business operations for essential industries in our modern economy. These include (but are not limited to) e-commerce, venture capital, advertising, and web analytics.

As a leading provider of transparently sourced web intelligence infrastructure, Honeygain moves forward by offering a unique monetization opportunity for individual users. Aside from extra opportunities like boosting your lifetime earnings by 10% of your referral credits, Honeygain also provides the option of receiving direct payouts to your BTC wallet.

Earning BTC Effortlessly With Honeygain

A user who has the application running on multiple devices (available on Windows, macOS, Android, and Linux) and has some active referrals can effortlessly generate 15-25 USD every month. Going through Honeygain communities and social channels, you might notice some users are even making a couple of hundreds per month!

Without investing any time or effort, you could fund your BTC wallet with extra income monthly or whenever you reach the minimum withdrawal amount (20 USD). Sounds like easy money, right? And if there’s another cryptocurrency you believe in more, you are free to use your bitcoin to invest in it anytime!

“With BTC payouts, we are introducing an alternative to bitcoin mining. Users can earn BTC by running the Honeygain app and becoming a part of the crowdsourced web intelligence network. Without any need to invest in powerful hardware, it is the easiest way to earn bitcoin ever known!” – said Honeygain back in 2020.

Trusted by Crypto Enthusiasts Around the World

Here’s an interesting fact: Honeygain has noticed that there are three countries whose residents choose the BTC payout method more often than others. Users from Great Britain, Spain, and the United States of America seem to be the biggest believers and supporters of cryptocurrencies! Honeygain is thrilled to announce it has been witnessing a steady 10% growth of bitcoin requests each month since November 2020.

Millions of users are being smart and using this opportunity to generate extra money. Are you interested in trying Honeygain and starting to earn bitcoin effortlessly? If so – what are you waiting for? Download the application using this link, use coupon code ‘Cryptonews’ and get the first 5 USD added into your account straight away!

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