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‘Fulfilment of Satoshi’s Dreams’ Ethereum Gets a Nod from JPMorgan

As Ethereum (ETH) co-founder’s father finds this project to be “the fulfillment of Satoshi’s dreams,” major investment bank JPMorgan expressed their belief that Ethereum is going to keep outperforming the world’s number one crypto – while some are preparing headstones for bitcoin (BTC)’s grave yet again.

However, reported, JPMorgan is preparing to offer an actively managed BTC, not ETH fund to private wealth clients as soon as this summer.

In either case, per Business Insider, citing the bank’s note, analysts at the bank said that the trend of the world’s second crypto outperforming BTC can continue as the competition in the crypto market heats up. The bank gave three reasons why ETH is outperforming bitcoin:

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