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Furious Abkhazian Villagers Forcibly Close Down Crypto Mining Farms

Crypto mining is threatening to draw a nation into chaos – with angry Abkhazian villagers reportedly taking the law into their own hands by kicking miners out of their regions.

The latest development in the South Caucus-located de facto state has seen anarchic uprisings, with miners thrown out on their ears – and politicians apparently divided as to how to deal with what is rapidly descending into a national crisis.

The government has gone back and forth with its crypto mining laws recently, first banning mining outright, then reversing its ban – before being urged to make yet another U-turn with local energy providers claiming the power network is on its knees.

Per media outlet Ekho Kavkaza, top lawmakers have held emergency meetings, with the speaker of the parliament’s lower house, Valeriy Kvarchia, telling MPs about a case in the village of Duripsh, in the Gudauta District of Abkhazia, the Russia-backed de facto republic that is recognized by most countries as an autonomous republic of Georgia.

Kvarchia stated that village residents had “decided to resist mining efforts themselves, without contacting [law-enforcement] authorities.”

The speaker added,

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