Google “Halving” Queries Hit Levels Five Times More Than 2016 Halving Event

Interest in the upcoming Bitcoin halving has once again spiked, as the halving is only four days away. The halving event is easily crypto’s biggest network event and should see prices skyrocket.

According to Google Trends information, searches for the word “halving” have spiked and are at least five times the level where it was back in 2016 when Bitcoin underwent its second network halving.

At the moment, Bitcoin is now $9,968.53 and is on its way back to $10,000. It earlier crossed the mark but corrected a bit. The general Bitcoin community currently expects Bitcoin to pass back over $10,000 very soon. Bitcoin has now put on gains of about 39% in 2020 alone.

According to crypto metrics service Glassnode

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