How Student Coin is Fostering Tokenization Among Academic Institutions

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The past few years has been filled with talk about cryptocurrencies and how it has changed everything. Just over a decade ago, the concept that you don’t need a bank to perform transactions would have been waved away as an afterthought.

Cryptocurrencies changed this by offering an alternative route to traditional banking services. Low transaction fees, secure platforms, and the ability to keep money beyond government control were the initial reasons many resorted to cryptocurrencies.

With time, the crypto industry began to expand to include more sectors tackling real-life problems using blockchain technology. This grew to other sectors like using blockchain technology for data management and building decentralized apps.

One area that has been exploited in recent years is tokenization. Tokenization which is the process of issuing blockchain to represent a real-tradable asset, has led to possibilities.

A revolutionary blockchain project, Student Coin is offering an ecosystem that brings tokenization to the academic sector.

Student Coin

Student Coin is a blockchain project designed to create an environment for students and organizations to build tokens. It also offers a comprehensive suite of products that ensures blockchain adoption is fostered within the academic sector.

Built on Waves and Ethereum, the Student Coin ecosystem combines the two blockchain networks to design a comprehensive and easy platform to understand. Student Coin offers an educational section where blockchain beginners and students can learn different courses.

The courses are divided into five sections, and a first look at the topics shows a well-optimized curriculum for students. Students can learn the basics of blockchain technology and learn about different types of cryptocurrencies, including those within the Student Coin ecosystem.

The two major sections of interest are the STC exchange and STC terminal, which are expected to be launched in the third quarter of the year. The STC terminal is where the process of tokenization takes place, and it is a platform designed as a launchpad to create tokens.

The terminal supports the creation of personalized tokens, defi tokens, and NFT tokens. The Student Coin team is building the terminal to feature tools that are easy for anyone to use. Tokens created on the STC terminal are pegged to the STC token that serves as the central reference token.

Tokens created are then listed on the STC exchange, a multi-coin exchange that supports bitcoin, ethereum, and STC tokens. The exchange will be the hub for students to list their tokens for investors to purchase.

Student Coin also offers an inbuilt wallet for users to store their tokens. The wallet has an extensive dashboard that supports multiple coins, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Student Coin achieves this with its unique utility token called STC token. STC token fuels the Student Coin project and allows students and organizations to create tokens easily without any technical knowledge.

STC serves as a form of gas token that is required for individuals to create different types of tokens, including personal tokens, DeFi tokens, NFT tokens, and many more.

How to buy STC tokens

Student Coin is currently offering its STC tokens via an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) that began on February 1, 2021. The ICO is spread across different phases over three months, set to end on April 30.

At the moment, 115 phases have been launched, with a total of 32 million USD raised from investors during this period. The price of STC increases by 1% after each phase, and it is currently priced at 0.0186 USD.

Purchasing the STC token is very easy, and all that is required is to go to the ICO launchpad and buy using any of the supported payment methods. STC token is listed on several exchanges, including Cointiger, Uniswap, and Waves.

Who are behind the Student Coin Project

Student Coin is run by a team of 44 people from 12 countries and led by CEO Wojciech Podobas. Podobas is a crypto guru that has written two books about finance and cryptocurrencies in the past. The team is also made up of reputable academics from quality institutions like Havard and Stanford Universities.

Latest developments on Student Coin

One of the major strengths of Student Coin is the rate in which its community is developing. The Student Coin app that was recently launched on Google Play and Apple Store recorded over 30,000 downloads within a week.

This shows that the project’s current sentiment is positive, with many expecting it to perform well. Student Coin also revealed that the first token to launch on its exchange would be Smart Marketing Token. The token launch in May is expected to herald the start of a new era for the blockchain platform.

To learn more about Student Coin, visit the website https://www.studentcoin.org/.

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