John McAfee’s GHOST Cryptocurrency Goes Live in Hong Kong Disneyland

John McAfee’s cryptocurrency, GHOST, has been integrated into Hong Kong Disneyland.

Just one week after the official launch of GHOST, Hong Kong Disneyland has adopted the Proof of Stake (PoS) privacy coin. The project developers also its plans for a GHOST “decentralized crowdfunding” platform.

According to its , GHOST promises its users assured online privacy, making them “nothing but a ‘ghost’ when transacting online”.

The ever-controversial John McAfee is determined to make GHOST a success despite previous scandals such as back in May. PIVX alleged that McAfee plagiarised its 2018 whitepaper.

On Tuesday, June 30, McAfee in a tweet about GHOST’s integration at Hong Kong Disneyland. “Slowly but surely the world is recognizing what we have done. And there are way, way more features coming in the next three months,” his tweet reads.

GHOST also that it went into partnership with endplay, a crypto payment module for vending machines. Everday currently has over 60 vending machines scattered across Hong Kong, including its Disneyland.

McAfee embraces his controversies in the news by using his personality to push his business ventures. Some of his anticipated ventures include a blockchain-driven that will be integrated with the popular messaging app Telegram.

McAfee recently his GHOST distributed exchange.

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