KaratGold Coin (KBC) is a Cryptocurrency With a Special Extra Feature

Clearly, tons of other stablecoins are jumping into the breach, trying to take over where Tether left off. Not every stablecoin has the same solution to price stability as Tether (having a reserve for all coins issued). However, reserve backing is still an attractive feature to many investors. Because Tether never submitted to audit to prove it had this backing, our interest has been piqued by another cryptocurrency that may have the most convincing claim at 100% audit.

(KBC) is a coin linked to physical gold. This isn’t a unique feature in itself, but the company backing KaratGold Coin is a differentiator. KaratGold Coin KBC was introduced to the crypto trading markets in February 2018 by Karatbars International. Karatbars is the creation of Dr. Harald Seiz, and they’ve been in the gold business since 2011, selling small quantities of gold to investors all around the world.

can exchange KBC tokens directly to pure gold, making it the first digital currency that is actually convertible to a truly valuable asset. This exchange will be made possible as part of a global Karatbars International’s promotion campaign, the Gold Independence Days, so that users can easily receive real gold in the form of CashGold, at Karatbars’ own ATMs.

Decentralized services allow the user to store and spend both fiat and cryptocurrency through several customizable wallets. You can create wallets for automatic payments or family purchases, with access for each member, that is why the device can serve several users.

K-Merchanto allow online vendors to easily accept KBC, Bitcoin or Ether in their online store, Karatbars International – the company behind the idea of KBC – came up with a software that enables retailers to with a simple scan. The official plugin of K-merchant can be currently integrated into Woocommerce, Magento and PrestaShop powered online shops and enables one-click-payments with military-grade security.

At the end of the day, KaratGold Coin may be the best of both worlds – a stablecoin backed by a verifiable service and product portfolio and the world’s most convenient way to buy, own, and spend gold.

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