KuCoin Cryptocurrency Exchange Lists LockTrip (LOC) Coin

KuCoin Blockchain Asset Exchange Lists Locktrip LOC Token 

KuCoin,one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, have listed native currency of Locktrip called LOC. Locktrip is known as a decentralized project focusing on the hotel booking and vacation rental marketing.

LOC is now available for deposit with trading pairs including LOC/BTC and LOC/ETH on Kucoin. Other transactions such as buying will start at 19:30UTC+8 (22/08/2018) and selling/withdrawal at 20:00 UTC+8. (22/08/2018)

About Locktrip Cryptocurrency

Locktrip is an ecosystem and market where anyone can rent a hotel room and personal property without paying unreasonable commissions to a valuable officer add to rent a hotel room, property or accommodation.

Following are the advantages of Locktrip Cryptocurrency

1. Seamless Integration For Property Owners

Property owners and hoteliers will be capable of adding their short-term hotel rentals and rooms to a decentralized LOC ecosystem for unlimited one-click integration (imported from existing listings or via CSV import) into the market.

2. There is no commission on income

Locktrip will have one set subscription charge for the property owner, which will be in the range of $ 29- $ 99 per month that depends on the number and size of the property.

3. A fully decentralized booking engine

The project comprises of two parts, the Decentralized booking engine?—?LOC ledger based on VM Etereum, and marketplace that will be completely integrated with the decentralized LOC ledger.

4. Technology, Security, And Liquidity

Blockchain technology gives the ideal environment for affordable, immediate, safe, and unencumbered transmission information.

The LOC Token

The LOC Token is an unchanging element of the ecosystem and will be the token that provides access to clients and hotel owners to the decentralized LOC ledger. When a user purchase LOC, you unlock the full-service abilities of our decentralized ordering market. It will be a means to book hotel accommodation, rental of property, and related services.

People can get LOC tokens at home, and they’ll enjoy their real-time applications right away, in addition to potential tokens to comprehend its value.

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