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Major stories on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency mining

On June 21, cryptocurrency prices were still in the red. Global cryptocurrency market cap stands at $1.48 trillion. This is a 0.44 percent decline over the previous day. The crypto market’s total volume for the last 24 hours has reached $80.63 billion. This is a 15.58% increase. All stable coins now account for $64.06 billion, or 79.44% of the crypto market’s 24-hour volume. Bitcoin’s current price is $35,535.03, and its dominance at 44.89% is currently, an increase by 0.27 percent over the previous day.

Paraguay legislators seek to legalize Bitcoin

Paraguay could legalize Bitcoin as legal tender. Paraguay’s pro-bitcoin congressman says he will present legislation on bitcoin to Congress next month, with the goal of making Paraguay a global hub for cryptocurrency investors. According to, his efforts are in response to El Salvador’s passing of a bill that makes bitcoin legal tender.

As Sichuan farms close, Bitcoin hashrate drops

After the crackdown by the Chinese government on virtual currency mining and trading, the bitcoin hash rate is steadily declining. According to data from the University of Cambridge, the region is the second most populous in China and home to the majority of miners. According to 8btc News, the Sichuan Development and Reform Commission and Energy Bureau announced that they would shut down 26 cryptocurrency mining and virtual currency projects.

Bitcoin drops 7% to $35.431.15

Bitcoin fell 7% to $35.431.15 on Friday at 20:02 GMT, losing $2666.53 since its previous close. Bitcoin, the most well-known and popular cryptocurrency in the world, has fallen 45.4% since April 14th’s peak of $64,895.22. Reuters reported. Ether, the cryptocurrency linked to the Ethereum blockchain network, fell 8.66% to $2165.68 Friday, losing $205.45 over its previous close.