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MicroStrategy Spends Another USD 15M on Bitcoin

One of the most bullish non-crypto companies, US-based software developer MicroStrategy, just increased their bitcoin (BTC) by spending another USD 15m once again.

Per CEO Michael Saylor, the company has purchased an additional BTC 253 for around USD 15m in cash at an average price of USD 59,339 per BTC.

As of April 5, MicroStrategy owned BTC 91,579, acquired for USD 2.226bn at an average price of USD 24,311 per bitcoin, he added. This stash is now worth almost USD 5.29bn.

The previous most recent BTC purchase by the company was announced on March 12.

At the time of writing (12:18 PM UTC), BTC trades at USD 58,798 and is almost unchanged in a day. The price is up by 4% in a week and 18% in a month.