New Phishing Scam Promises 3 Billion XRP To Unsuspecting Users

A Ripple (XRP) analytics platform, Xplorer has warned members of the XRP community, about an ongoing phishing scam.

Explore published a detailed forensic on Monday, June 15, warning the crypto community of a new kind of scam targeted at XRP users.

Xrplorer warned earlier in January of an XRP phishing scam in a . The memo showed that scammers ran a test by giving away micropayments of 88 drops (0.000088 XRP) using the XRP ledger. Attached to each payment is a short message that reads “Welcome Magic” which when clicked would steal the user’s secret key.

According to the , when the scammers were ready to launch the full attack, they released alluring messages such as:

Image Credits: Pixabay

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