Northern Bitcoin to Deploy Air-Cooled Crypto Mining Containers

German Bitcoin mining firm Northern Bitcoin AG has completed testing its new air-cooled mining container housing 144 ASIC miners, the company announced on Monday.

The 20-foot containers are specially designed for outdoor crypto mining activities and were tested at the firm’s Frankfurt-Hoechst site. The custom-made containers intake cold air from the outside, filtered through lamellae mounted in the outer walls to cool down the machines in the process of crypto mining.

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This development came after the company procured 4,475 ASIC miners in June from Cannan Creative and Bitmain.

“Already with our water-cooled container solution we have a revolutionary approach in place to mine Bitcoins sustainably and cost-effectively,” Moritz Jäger, chief technology officer of the German company, said. “The new air-cooled technology has been optimized for year-round cool locations.”

An environment-friendly approach to mine crypto

Unlike other miners, the German company is more focused on developing an efficient yet sustainable way of mining digital assets. Though headquartered in Frankfurt, the company’s mining sites are in Norway. According to the company, it operates a sustainable mining operation from green energy generated in the region.

With this new line of outdoor crypto-mining containers, Northern Bitcoin is planning to expand its operations in new locations across Scandinavia.

“With the new container variant, we are thus extending our option to open up new locations in Scandinavia for our Bitcoin mining,” Jäger added.

This is the second such mobile mining station to be introduced by the company as it already deployed 21 40-foot water-cooled containers, each with 210 ASIC miners inside, at the Lefdal Mine Datacenter in Norway.

“Like the water-cooled variant, also the air-cooled mining container is highly mobile. This allows us to react flexibly to all location options at short notice for conducting highly efficient Bitcoin mining,” Jäger said.

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