NYDIG Survey: 46 Million Americans Hold Bitcoin

According to a recent survey, about 46 million Americans now hold Bitcoin. The number of Americans with BTC represents about 17% of the adult population in the country. This shows the expanding adoption of Bitcoin and altcoins as the crypto bull market persists. 

Results of the survey conducted by NYDIG revealed that crypto has gone mainstream. The survey focused on whether Americans will consider adding crypto assets to their acquisition of annuities and life insurance. 

NYDIG surveyed 1,050 US customers, targeting people who make a minimum of $50,000 as their annual income. 75% of the respondents are willing to learn about Bitcoin annuities and Bitcoin life insurance, while 90% said they would be interested if they have access to BTC. Almost 50% of the respondents said they would prefer to receive some or all their insurance benefits in BTC. 

Additionally, 53% of the total respondents declared no crypto holdings. However, 55% of the people with no cryptocurrencies said they would consider adding some to their portfolio. 

Also, NYDIG inquired if respondents will be satisfied with their issuance carriers investing about 2% of their cash in BTC. In response, 43% said it was an acceptable idea, while 42% said they would consider it. 

Bitcoin is currently down 3.89% to $54,433.39. 

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